Waiver Order

There are two options that determine waiver order in custom leagues, and League Managers can choose which they would like. Only League Managers can edit these settings:

  • Reset Each Week to Inverse Order Of Standings: This is the default setting. The team in last place will be first in the waiver order every week during the season. Often times the situation will occur where the same team can be first in the waiver order for the whole year if they remain last in the standings. 
    • Note: Waivers won't reset in your league during the playoffs if they are based off of inverse order of standings.
  • Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order: With this setting, the waiver order doesn't reset on a weekly basis; instead, after a team makes a waiver selection, they are shifted to the last waiver position.

Edit Waiver Order Options on web only:

  • Click on settings under the "League" tab
User-added image

  • Click on the "Edit Transactions and Keepers" tab

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  • Click the red "Edit Transactions and Keepers" button
Red "Edit Transactions and Keepers" button
  • Scroll down to find the "Acquisition and Waiver Rules" section and locate the "Waiver Order" area
Edit Waiver Order Option
  • Pick which option you want and "Submit" it

Auction Leagues

If you play in an Auction League, the team with the most money remaining after the auction draft is complete will get the most favorable waiver position. If two or more teams are tied with the amount of money they have remaining, then the team that filled out their roster first during the draft will get the more favorable waiver position.

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