Stunt Days

Stunt Days are single-day contests where numerous matchups and pick windows are offered (an average Stunt Day allows you to make anywhere from 17-20 separate picks). The goal of the Stunt Day is to put together the longest streak on that day ONLY, and the entry who finishes with the longest streak on Stunt Day will win the grand prize.
  • Stunt Days are typically run around big sporting events or a collection of big events on a particular day (Ex. NBA Christmas Day or NCAA basketball 24-hour tip-off marathon).
  • Tiebreakers apply if more than one entry finishes with the longest streak on Stunt Day.
  • There is no entry fee or exclusive sign up to participate in a Stunt Day. Just play as normal.
  • All picks will count toward the overall monthly contest as well. (Ex. If someone enters Stunt Day with a W5 and wins their first 11 picks on Stunt Day, their overall streak for the month will be W16, but for Stunt Day, it will only be W11).
  • Stunt Days will have their own leaderboard viewable on the web and app.
  • All Stunt Days will be announced at least 15 days prior to the start of the Stunt Day.

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