Snake Draft Issues

League Manager Leagues (Web Only):

If your Snake Draft is experiencing issues, select a new draft time and date by following the instructions below:

  • Only League Managers can select a new draft date

  • Click on the "LM Tools" tab. If the draft is currently in progress, there will be a link to reset the draft
    User-added image

  • Click on this link, and follow the two confirmation prompts that will close your draft room temporarily

  • Next, click on "Edit League Settings" located in the left-hand column
    User-added image

  • Click the "Transactions and Keepers" tab

  • Click the red button that says "Edit Transaction and Keeper Settings"
    User-added image

  • Look for the section that says "Keepers Rules," near the bottom of the page. A dropdown will read "Use Keepers for 2016 Season" and will have the options Yes and No. Select "No"

  • Click the "Submit Settings" button
    User-added image

  • Click on the "Draft" tab

  • Click the red button that says "Edit Draft Settings"
    User-added image

  • Select a new draft date and time

  • Click "Submit Draft Settings"
    User-added image

Note: If you're in a Keeper League, your draft isn't snaking because it's not supposed to. ESPN does this so your league members cannot improve their draft position by NOT taking keepers. In order to create a non-snaking snake draft, you must manually trade draft picks to create the order in which you want to draft for the next draft.

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