Setting Your Lineup

Setting Your Lineup Overview

  • Decide which players to start for each day of competition
  • Your team page allows you to analyze each of your current players, review their performance (previous day/week, year to date etc.) and freely move players between your active roster and bench
  • Roster moves involving a player may be made right up until that player's team is scheduled to begin playing in their game for that scoring period.
  • You must move one active player to the bench or to waivers when moving an inactive/benched player to your active lineup. If you make a move that violates a roster slot, an error message will appear, notifying you to double-check the proposed transaction. You will need to ensure that you are moving players into eligible slots per Position Eligibility

On the ESPN Fantasy App

  • Go to your team homepage under "Roster"
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  • Click on "Edit Lineup"
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  • Move any player you want from starter to bench or vise versa

On the Web

  • Navigate to "My Team"
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  • ​Click on "Move" next to the player whom you wish to move within your lineup
  • Click on the green "here" button next to the slot into which you would like to move that player
  • ​If eligible, both players will switch slots. If you are placing the player into an empty slot, there will be an empty slot created at that player's previous position
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  • ​Click "Submit"
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