Pre-Draft - League Manager Abilities

Edit Draft Settings on the ESPN Fantasy App

  • To edit your draft settings on the ESPN Fantasy App, your League Manager must visit the "League Manager Tools" tab in the menu

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Then, your League Manager must tap "Edit Draft Settings"

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  • ​From this screen, your League Manager can change whatever draft settings that they want

Edit Draft Settings on the Web

  • You can access the draft settings page up to one hour before your league's draft is scheduled to begin
  • To edit your draft settings, your League Manager must click on the "LM Tools" tab

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  • Click on "Edit Draft Settings" under the "Draft Tools" headinUser-added image
  • On this page you can change any of your draft settings, and edits submitted to the system will automatically trigger an e-mail to each owner in the league, notifying them of the changes
  • Changes to live drafts can be made up to one hour before the scheduled live draft time. Additional draft times will be added as required
  • Changes for autopick drafts can be made until 2:59 a.m. ET the day the autopick draft is scheduled to process
  • Changes for offline drafts can be made until the time the League Manager begins entering the offline results

Set Draft Order on the Web

  • Click on the League Manager Tools

    LM Tools Tab

  • If your league uses the live online or autopick draft method and has the draft order setting as "Manually Set by League Manager," you can access the Set Draft Order page anytime until your league's draft is scheduled to begiUser-added image
  • On the page, you can manually assign a draft position for each team in the league
  • If no draft order is set, the draft order is randomly determined when your league's draft begins
  • For offline drafts, the system does not observe a draft order

Reset Draft on the Web

  • You can access the Reset Draft page after your league's draft is complete
  • If you wish to reset the draft, the system will completely change the league's status from post-draft to pre-draft
  • This will undo all draft picks and allow team owners to set their draft list again, if they wish

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