Offline Draft

  • The offline draft option is only available in League Manager Leagues

  • If your league is set up to use the offline draft option, you and your fellow team owners will conduct your own draft without the use of ESPN’s online draft system

  • The format of an offline draft is up to the league members to coordinate, though they should use established league settings as a foundation

  • In order for an offline draft to work, it is critical that someone record each team’s draft picks

  • This can be done in two different ways:

    • If no computer is available for the draft, the League Manager can sign into the league with his credentials and download the ESPN offline draft tool

    • The offline draft tool doesn’t support keepers so League Managers will need to use the web based tool to support an offline draft with rostered keepers

      Click on a draft type below to see specific rules:
      1. Offline Draft Web-Based Tool
      2. New Offline Draft App
      NOTE: If the League Manager changes the league's draft type from Offline to Live Online or Autopick, each league member will be sent an e-mail notification of the change.

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