My matchup was scored a "PUSH"

There are times where a matchup listed on the Streak board is scored a PUSH for one one reason or another. When a matchup you selected is scored a PUSH, your pick will be unlocked just as though it went final with a winner and a loser. However, your Streak will NOT be affected in any way. You will NOT be credited with a win or a loss. Basically think of it as a tie. For example, if you had a Streak of W10 and you picked a baseball game that ended up getting postponed due to rain, the matchup would be scored a PUSH and your streak would still be W10.

Below is a list of examples of why a matchup would be scored a PUSH:
  • Event postponed due to weather-related event.
  • A player listed in a specific matchup does NOT play (Ex. LeBron sits out a game, and the matchup was, "How many POINTS will LeBron James SCORE in the 1st Half?").
  • A matchup finishes in a tie AND no tie option is given to a particular side (Ex. NFL game finishes in a tie).
  • A tennis match starts, but is called due to darkness and won't be completed until the following day.

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