Keeper Leagues

Keeper Rules for League Manager Leagues Only

  • In a keeper league you are allowed to retain as few players or as many players as the league manager selects, from the previous season, to remain on your roster for the upcoming season
  • When creating your League Manager league, simply select keepers in the settings

Editing Keeper League Settings on Web Only

  • League Managers should click on the "LM Tools" tab 
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  • Click on "Edit League Settings"
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  • Scroll down to find the Keeper Rules section and click "Edit"
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  • Select which year to use keepers from, and click "submit settings"
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Note: If your league switched to ESPN from a different website, have your League Manager click the "Edit Team Rosters" link and manually assign the Keepers to their appropriate teams BEFORE your draft occurs. If your league has draft pick trading, make sure you trade the picks before the keeper selection deadline.

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