Issues Joining a League

If you're having issues joining your league, try the following steps:

  • Try telling your League Manager to resend the invitation to your email address. If you still don't receive an email in your inbox, try an alternate email address

  • Be sure to check your spam and junk folders, as it may have been bounced in there by mistake. If so, add to your contact list

  • ​Your corporate or ISP's firewall might potentially block emails from ESPN servers. We recommend your League Manager uses the "Send Me a Copy of Each Invite" option.
    Once your League Manager receives the "cc'ed" email containing your team's unique join URL, they can forward it to you off their personal email.

If you received an invite, but can't join, try the following steps:

Note: If you are getting an error or it says your league is full (even though it isn't showing as full), your League Manager likely invited you via the web (desktop, laptop, etc.), which reserves your place in the league. If you are in the app and trying to accept the invite, your League Manager likely invited you via the web AND the app. The web overrides the app invite, so you will be sent the error message. Simply have your League Manager delete the web invite and only send it to you through the app. Or you can always just accept the invite through the web (desktop, laptop, etc.)
  • Your League Manager changed your email address after inviting you, thereby voiding the invitation

  • Talk with your League Manager and make sure you have the right email address in place

  • If problems persist, you may be having account issues. Click here for additional information on how to fix any account issues.


Note: If you are instead experiencing issues trying to invite owners to join your league, click here for additional troubleshooting.


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