Find a Team You Drafted

Find Your Team on the ESPN Fantasy App

If you're using the ESPN Fantasy App and you can't locate your team, try the following steps:

  • Log out of your account by tapping on "settings" in the menu
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  • Close, re-launch the app, and re-log in to the ESPN Fantasy App

  • Navigate to the Fantasy Hockey tab 

  • You should see your teams listed under the "My Teams" dropdown at the top of the app
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You can access your account information, including your username, at this link.

Find Your Team on the Web

  • Close and relaunch your web browser

  • Navigate to the Fantasy Hockey homepage to log in at the upper right hand corner of the screen

  • Your team(s) should now display on the left side of the page

  • If your team(s) still don't show up, you may have drafted using a different ESPN username, or you may have participated in a mock draft instead of a live draft


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