Fair Play and Conduct

Free Standard and Custom League Rules

Although Fantasy Football is extremely competitive, we emphasize that all participants exercise good sportsmanship to prevent team owners from unintentionally crossing the line, and maintain a fun environment.

A: More than one team in the same league

  • One person can't control more than one team in the same league.

  • If two or more teams in the same league are under the same account, they must be controlled by different people sharing that account, but not sharing the teams.

  • Violation of this will lead to cancellation of the teams and expulsion from the game.

B: Collusive transactions

  • Collusion occurs when one team makes moves to benefit another team, without trying to improve its own position.

  • One-sided trades are an example of collusive transactions.

  • Dropping a player so another team can pick up that player is another example of collusive transactions.

  • Teams found in violation of this policy will be cancelled and their owners will be prohibited from participating in future ESPN Fantasy Games.

NOTE: Standard League members are expected to veto/protest any and all unfair or collusive trades throughout the season. At least 4 owner’s votes are required in protest for a trade to be denied  in a Standard League.

C: Impeding Other Owners

  • Making certain transactions to solely impede other owners is not allowed.

  • Tanking games for the sole purpose of denying another player's chance to make the playoffs is against the rules.

  • Cycling through players in free agency to put them on waivers and make them unavailable to another team in your league is strictly prohibited, and is grounds for expulsion from the game.

D: Roster Dumping

  • Owners that are found to have dumped their players to the player pool in attempt to undermine the league may be subject to expulsion from the game.

  • If you are giving up on the season, we ask that you maintain league strength by providing the other owners with the most competitive team you are able to field.

E: Owner Interaction

  • Owners should always be polite and gracious when dealing with one another.

  • Threats and obscenities are against the rules and illegal in many jurisdictions.

  • Owners that are found to have sent threatening emails to another owner will be warned and/or kicked out of the game completely.

  • These rules extend to message board posts as well.

F: Offensive Posts

  • Any posts, including league and team names, of a derogatory nature are strictly prohibited.

  • This includes chat room, message board or on a league's bulletin board.

  • Personal attacks and sexist or racist remarks also fall under this restriction.

  • There is zero tolerance level.

G: Inactivity

  • In order to maintain the integrity of the league, the commissioner may contact owners of teams that remain inactive for extended periods of time.

  • The league commissioner will send notification to the email of record.

  • If the team remains inactive after the league commissioner sends an email to the inactive team owner, the commissioner reserves the right to reassign ownership of the inactive team.

LEAGUE MANAGER LEAGUE RULES: ESPN Fantasy football League Manager leagues are created to the specifications implemented by their league creators. The League Manager and other team owners are responsible for handling all conduct, communication and fair play issues that arise in these LM Leagues.

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