Change Entry Name

Whether playing Streak on the web or the app, it's easy to change your entry name to display what you want it to be.


Change Entry Name on the Web

  • Click on the "Make Pick" or "My Entry" tab at the top of the page where the five black boxes line the stat's box.
  • Next to your avatar picture, there is your current entry name with a little gear icon. Click the gear icon.
  • Click on the "Change Entry Name" button when on the "My Entry" tab only. It's located right underneath the "My Entry" tab.
  • Simply name your entry in the field and click "Save Settings".

Change Entry Name on the App

  • Click on the menu (three white bars in the top-left corner) and select "My Entry".
  • You will taken to you entry screen. Next to your current logo and entry name, click on the the little circle with the "!" inside it.
  • The very top field on the next screen is where you can type in your desired entry name.

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