Adjust Scoring

Adjust Scoring (Web Only)

  • Adjust Scoring is only available in League Manager leagues, and only the League Manager can adjust the scores

The Adjust Scoring feature can be accessed from the "LM Tools" tab

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  • Click on "Adjust scoring"

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  • ​Click on the game of which you'd like to adjsut the scoring

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  • ​Alternatively, you can just click on the "scoreboard" tab, and adjust the game scoring from there

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  • This feature allows the League Manager to add or subtract points from a team on a given week

  • If the score adjustment changes as a result of the game (i.e. from a win to a loss), the standings page will automatically update to reflect the adjusted results

  • If the adjustment is made to a game, the box score page will reflect the change with an asterisk

  • If the smack board or live scoring is unavailable, check if firewall and antivirus settings permit real-time streaming or chat functionality


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