Adding a Team Logo

Change Your Logo on the ESPN Fantasy App​​

  • To change your logo on the app, follow the instructions here and simply change your logo instead of your team name

Change Your Logo on the Web

  • To change your team's logo, click on the "My Team" tab at the top of the page, and then click on "team settings"

User-added image

  • Owners in League Manager Leagues have the option of linking to a graphic directly from the Web (allowing for more creativity). To do so, enter the URL of the desired image in the Web address field and click on "set logo"
  • When the graphic is applied to your Custom League team, the linked image will be forced to a size of 151 pixels wide and 129 pixels tall.

  • For the best possible results, adjust the size of the image to these dimensions to improve the quality/clarity of the image. You cannot upload a logo to our system. You must reference a logo on the web

  • ESPN also offers free Team Logo Sticker Packs, allowing you to easily create unique avatars for your ESPN Fantasy Football team. The new, free Fantasy Football logo templates include pre-designed sports and entertainment driven logo graphics to enhance your team identity

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